kids-cosplay <nailed it>

Inspired by videos of cosplayers online, my daughter set out to make a Zita costume. Zita is rather on the simple side as cosplay goes, making it ideal as a first project of this kind. And if the pictures of Zita costumes on Hatke’s blog are any indication, we aren’t the first fans to work on a costume, either.

Cover of the graphic novel Zita The Spacegirl

The world needs more heroes like Zita.
src: First Second Books

It took only a few hours from finding the right materials to stitching everything together. I encouraged her to document the process and write up a little recap.

Soon after, we also made an Enderman costume for my son from scratch.

Both of them showcased their outfits at MCM Comic Con in 2015.

Zita the Spacegirl costume

Minecraft Engerman costume

Kids cosplay is the best type of cosplay